"We listen, observe, understand, empathize and imagine for creating products that enable make the visible invisible"Marcus Friedrichs

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Established and based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Eufficio, is one of the world’s leading companies in the fields of Technological Solutions for Furniture.

Eufficio Always Keep innovating, to add a unique values for implementing top technology in the items, promise technological advantages to the End Users.

Merging art into technology, Eufficio considered to be one of the favorite companies among architects & designers in the field of technological solutions for Furniture. Hiring painters & sculptors to be part of the R&D team to bring artistic values to Eufficio items for touching the Basic human instincts of harmony, balance & rhythm.

By hiring ergonomics specialists, Eufficio assure optimal interaction between each of the items and the people who use them for better human comfort & health.

Fit for Any Furniture

You can simply place our item in your furniture, conference hall ,desk, table, kitchen sofa and many other. In addition to that, no skills or prior experience is needed in installing and using it. This is the reason why our products are preferred in high tech companies and offices.

Easy to install

No need to be Electrician to install the power station. By the modular design and by the usage of GST connectors, the products can be installed and connected to power easily without the need of professional.


Enjoy our art…