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Exterio Telaio

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  • Best seller product
  • easy and immediate access to power, charge, data and Telecom connections
  • very easy installation method
  • perfect to be part of every surrounding
  • 3 years Warranty

More Details

Exterio Telaio is a best seller product, provide an elegant but also efficient solution for easy and immediate access to power, charge, data and Telecom connections with very easy installation method. The Exterio Telaio is perfect to be part of every surrounding from offices, meeting rooms, convention halls ,call centres, restaurants, hotels, labs, hospitals and many more. INSTALLATION CONFIGURATIONS On Desk /On Table it mainly being placed as desktop power station on personal desk, meeting room table, conference tables, podiums or any work surface, hosting surface and more.

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Power & Temperature:

Operating voltage: 230VAC 50VHz

Maximum current: 16A Work

Temperature: up to 70°C

Structure & color:

The Exterio Telaio is with Slim, minimalistic structure but also solid and durable, you will find Exterio Telaio is reliable unit with long life expectation. The Exterio Telaio available in Fully Black or Fully White colors. Custom colors available on demand - minimum order will be requiered.

Materials: cover - aluminium, sockets - PC.

Modules & combination:

The Exterio Telaio can be configured with a combination of power charging, data, communication, or any other Keystone system component.

Cable and connection to power:

The Exterio Telaio is supplied with 0.4 meter cable (HO5VV-F 3x1.5mm2) with male GST 18/3 connector. In order to connect the product to power you should buy the power cable separately.

Testing: 100% testing continuity, polarity, insulation & earth

Certification: SII test certification

Warranty: 3 years Warranty by German registered company


Supplied with Build in Clamps for on Table side installation. Please read the installation instruction prior to installation.

Packing: each item in a box


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Technical Details

Catalog No Model Description Color Length (L) mm Width (W) mm Height (H) mm
0727363258120 ET-32C 2 IL sockets & 2.4A USB Charge Black 200 75 82
0727363258113 ET-32C 2 IL sockets & 2.4A USB Charge White 200 75 82

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