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Innera Piatto



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  • Practical power station which allows efficient solution for easy and immediate access to power
  • very easy installation method
  • With Built in Male & Female GST connectors, it can be chained to other Eufficio products simply
  • can be installed almost anywhere and in variety of configurations and for multiple applications

More Details

INSTALLATION CONFIGURATIONS In Desk In any requirement of Hidden power and data station beneath the surface with very easy installation procedure. In Wall / In Panel it can be mounted in walls/panels, whenever power and data stations are required with avoiding the need to make changes in the construction or to use electrician.

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Power & Temperature: Operating voltage: 230VAC 50VHz Maximum current: 16A Work Temperature: up to 70°C Structure & color: Compact, but with solid and durable structure, you will find Connecto Key is reliable unit with long lifeCompact, but with solid and durable structure, you will find Innera Piatto is reliable unit with long life expectation. Innera Piatto is available in Silver anodized frame - black sockets and end caps. Custom colors available on demand – minimum order will be requiered. Materials: cover - aluminium, sockets - PC. Modules & combination: The Innera Piatto can be configured with power, Charge, Data, communication and more. Connection to power: * The Innera Piatto is supplied with: INPUT - 0.1 meter cable (HO5VV-F 3x1.5mm2) with male GST 18/3 connector OUTPUT - 0.1 meter cable (HO5VV-F 3x1.5mm2) with female GST 18/3 connector. In order to connect the product to power you should buy the power cable separately. Testing: 100% testing continuity, polarity, insulation & earth Certification: SII test certification Warranty: 3 years Warranty Installation: No Tools required, supplied with installation kit for attaching to a desired surface. Please read the installation instruction prior to installation. Packing: each item in a box * Only on models with power socket


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Technical Details

Catalog No Model Description Length (L) mm Width (W) mm Height (H) mm
0726811931813 IP-20 4 keystone adapters 176 48.2 58
0726811931820 IP-40 8 keystone adapters 262 48.2 58
0727363257086 IP-22 2 IL sockets 197 48.2 58
0769978901992 IP-32 2 IL sockets , 2 keystone adapters 240 48.2 58
0769978901787 IP-32C 2 IL sockets, USB charging module 240 48.2 58
0726811932087 IP-54 4 IL sockets , 2 keystone adapters 326 48.2 58
0769978897721 IP-54R 4 IL sockets , 2 keystone adapters with rocker switch 326 48.2 58
0769978897752 IP-44 4 IL sockets 283 48.2 58
0727363256416 IP-44R 4 IL sockets, 1P+N switch 284 48.2 58
0727363256423 IP-44 4 IL red sockets (UPS) 283 48.2 58
0727363256430 IP-44R 4 IL red sockets (UPS), 1P+N switch 384 48.2 58

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